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    I've been trying to slowly move all my device data onto cloud services so as to make it easier to move from one device to another (and back sometimes).

    I've got email, calendar and contacts all off my local device. Finally password keeper lets you export, so I can manually back that up to either Google drive, skydrive or box.

    Now I'd like to backup all my on-device and SD-card media (photos and videos). I just got those 50GB free from Box and I know Box is tightly integrated into BB10, but I noticed that they change the file creation/modification date to the date/time when you upload the file to their servers. Is this a limitation of every cloud service?

    I'd like to do an initial batch upload of all my older files but need them to maintain their chronological order based on when they were created or at least modified (esp. things like photos). I have tried using the native file manager, PlayCloud and even Foldersync lite (android app), and they all result in the same re-dating. I also tried uploading to Google drive and skydrive using PlayCloud and got the same result. I didn't get around to trying Dropbox because I got a bit disheartened.

    Am I missing something? Is there a true "backup" utility that copies the files exactly as they are (including last modified date)?

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    02-02-14 12:04 PM
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    02-03-14 09:11 PM
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    I agree, I find this very annoying but I don't think any of the cloud services will maintain the timestamps on the files. I'm not a developer, but as far as I'm aware, the timestamp on a file is not "metadata" that's part of the data in the file.

    I really wish Blackberry would give the option to configure the name sequencing of pictures taken. Images named IMG00001, IMG00002 are useless, especially when you switch to a new device and the sequence restarts.

    I'd like to see the option to have something like YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss-Location.jpg. In that case, I wouldn't care if Box or other cloud services lose the timestamp because the chronology would be built right into the file name.
    02-04-14 06:49 AM
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    You mean something like this? Which is already the way camera pictures are named in the new updates...
    Cloud Backup that maintains original/modified file dates-img_20140204_135736.png

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    02-04-14 06:59 AM
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    I mean the actual "last modified" date attributed and relied upon by the file system to do things like: "sort by", or what the pictures app uses to implement the "date" tab.

    I don't want to rely on file names because they are never consistent between apps and (worse) operating systems.

    This can't be a general limitation of cloud services.. otherwise how in the world has it become so popular? Imagine a law firm all of a sudden having all their files dating back 20 years showing as having been created at the same time! LOL

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    02-04-14 09:30 AM
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    Sorry I was replying to condello, he mentioned camera file names.

    I am not aware of any cloud service offering file creation date management. I think it may not be possible with the way they operate?

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    02-04-14 10:07 AM
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    It doesn't look like this issue has been addressed.

    I'm running a Passport with 10.3 and any files copied or moved to any of the cloud storage locations (ie. Dropbox, OneDrive, Box) have their timestamp changed to reflect the current time on the device (the same thing happens on my Z10).

    I agree with the original poster that this is definitely not a desirable behaviour. Note that this isn't necessarily an issue with the cloud providers themselves, as files moved back and forth from PCs don't seem to alter the file's attributes in this manner. I would love to get this issue addressed as it makes sorting the files by date virtually impossible when the files are eventually transferred to a PC, and more critically, it erases the original time context of the file.

    As a [hopefully interim] workaround, I've found that ZIPing the file(s) and uploading the ZIP'd copy to the cloud ensures the timestamp is retained. However I'd prefer a method that doesn't require these extra steps.
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    10-06-14 10:20 AM
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    Try SurDoc
    10-28-15 11:08 PM

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