1. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    If there are any devs out there who pay attention to this part of the CrackBerry forums would someone please for the love of all that is sacred create a decent and simple checkbook register / ledger type of app for BB10.

    These Android ports are kind of crap, and I was really hoping to not have to use the Android runtime in the first place :/
    I paid $4 for an app that doesn't even seem to run to well and isn't exactly a pleasure to use. Too bad legacy BlackBerry apps can't be used on BB10.

    Posted via CB10
    11-21-13 01:05 PM
  2. kevets's Avatar
    Always a good app idea. Something clean and fast, with an export/import function would be great.
    11-21-13 01:10 PM
  3. dablessing's Avatar
    I use Money plus for BlackBerry. It's built for BlackBerry.


    Posted via CB10
    11-21-13 07:39 PM
  4. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    Yeah I was looking at Money Plus. I really want something a lot more basic and straightforward, whereas that is far more expansive than I need. Still, I'm trying to avoid using Android anything as much as is possible.

    Too bad Vimutki Technologies haven't made their checkbook register for BB10, it was what I used on BBOS for a good couple of years :/

    Posted via CB10
    11-22-13 12:33 AM

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