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    FREE Media Lock For BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry World


    Hide specific Media and documents to keep your privacy safe! ★ ★★★★★★★Do you have pictures videos and documents that you want to keep them secret?★★★★★ Media Lock can hide pictures videos or music and documents for protection of your privacy using a password. Why don't you start to hide pictures and videos and documents with 'Media Lock'' and keep your privacy safe now? Do you mind when somebody taking a look to private pictures and media files on your BlackBerry? ★ With the help of Media Lock, you may: Never worry about a friend borrow your BlackBerry to checkout your private pictures and videos! Never worry about a workmates get your BlackBerry to have a look again! Never worry about private documents may be read by someone again! Media Lock Features : Hide Photos Videos & Music and Documents. Fake Password (Which enables you to make fool of your friends and family by enter a fake password which do not show any hided media files. you can show them there is no media hided and add new media in front of them) Beautiful designs Share pictures from Hide Media to any socila netwroks and BBM Preview of Media fiels in a single click Multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding, sharing Un-hide pictures and videos * Secured password * Security questions * Hints in case of lost password * View images directly within the application. Manage pictures and videos more easily And Lots of More features ✔ Fastest and most secure private gallery ✔ Manage your pictures and video(new folder, move, copy, rename) Import your private PICTURES and VIDEOS from the gallery directly and lots more.
    03-16-14 01:49 AM
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    This might be good,but I can't understand the reviews.

    My Z10 has a Flow
    03-16-14 01:52 AM
  3. FOR RIM's Avatar
    it's a free app download and review it yourself
    03-16-14 01:58 AM

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