1. anon(3896606)'s Avatar
    CChecker, Website Status Checker - RELEASE-banner.png CChecker, Website Status Checker - RELEASE-builtforblackberry_badge_onwht.png
    Hello guys,

    I'm introducing to you my application, known as CChecker.
    Please note, this is my first attempt at a Cascades built application. So bear with me.

    What can this application do?
    CChecker - the fully functional website status checker for BlackBerry 10. This application tests if a website is up, or down. Once the test has been completed it displays the results! This is completely native, which means it's both fast and fluid

    Thanks to NemOry for all of his help with this, you are awesome dude!

    Price: Free!
    Click here to download CChecker!
    That's about it, I hope you enjoy the application.
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    05-02-14 06:18 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Good luck with the app
    05-02-14 06:34 AM
  3. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Good luck bud!
    05-02-14 06:36 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    One more wish for good luck with the app.
    05-02-14 12:26 PM
  5. Cesare21's Avatar
    When you say status, what will that be? As in is it safe to browse on (something like Web of Trust) or something more?

    Good luck with your app!

    Posted via CB10
    05-02-14 12:48 PM
  6. menshawy's Avatar
    happy each time I'm looking at a new native BlackBerry app announcement
    05-02-14 12:58 PM
  7. eldricho's Avatar
    Good luck man!

    Posted via CB10
    05-02-14 01:38 PM
  8. anon(3896606)'s Avatar
    When you say status, what will that be? As in is it safe to browse on (something like Web of Trust) or something more?

    Good luck with your app!

    Posted via CB10
    For example: "Google.com, is up!"
    This helps identify if it may be a problem on your end (you can't access google.com individually) or if it's down for everyone.

    Everyone that PMed me was added to the Sandbox. Thanks for the support guys!
    05-02-14 02:22 PM
  9. anon(3896606)'s Avatar
    Next release will have updated icons, they look so much better!
    05-03-14 03:23 PM
  10. pkcable's Avatar
    Title changed per twitter request.
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    05-12-14 10:50 AM
  11. anon(3896606)'s Avatar
    OP updated with BlackBerry World link, thanks for the support!
    05-12-14 05:17 PM
  12. anon(3896606)'s Avatar
    I'm happy to announce that CChecker is now Built for BlackBerry approved!
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    06-04-14 02:27 PM
  13. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Congrats! That's awesome
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    06-04-14 02:36 PM

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