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    App Name: camZOO
    camZOO provides an easy way to view publicly available zoo camera live feeds directly on your BlackBerry® 10 smartphone. When feeds are active, they all show live animals in various zoos around the world. Be sure to tune in regularly because you never know what you might see!

    10 Feeds:
    ► Penguin (2x)
    ► Panda bear (2x)
    ► Shark tank
    ► Polar bear
    ► Eagle nest
    ► Fish reef
    ► Jaguar
    ► Lion

    Link to BlackBerry World Listing: camZOO - BlackBerry World
    Price: $0.99


    Note from developer: Due to the nature of streaming video, I have found it best to view these streams while on WI-FI. Also please know that not all feeds are up 24/7. I cannot control this, the zoos sometimes take down the feeds while the animals sleep, the animals are sick, the zoo is closed, etc. One thing I discovered while creating this app is that it is a ton a fun watching these animals. I don't even consider myself a huge fan of zoos, but I really do enjoy watching these feeds a few times a day. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do! Plus it is great for kids too!
    11-15-13 08:50 AM
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    What an interesting idea! Very cool. Thanks
    11-15-13 12:13 PM
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    v2.0 Update is now available!! Check out the download link in post 1 for new full description and screenshots.

    Change log:
    ★ UI Changes, added information about each zoo/aquarium under each animal. Also have general information about that animal species.
    ★ A new Jaguar feed (2 total)
    ★ New animals: Rockhopper Penguins and Tigers
    ★ New help/info pages

    Additionally a portion of all app sales will be donated to the zoos/aquariums where these animal are!
    12-05-13 09:49 AM
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    v3.0 Update is now available!! Check out the download link in post 1 for new full description.

    Change log:
    ★ 7 New feeds: 3 Birds/Badgers (location UK, timezone GMT), 1 Orangutan (USA, CST), 1 Sea Otter (USA, PST), 1 Gray Seal (USA, EST)
    ★ Online/Offline Indicators: A red/green light on each animal icon. Red is offline, green is online. This gives a quick reference to know whether or not a feed is active without trying to load the camera first
    ★ BBM Integration: This was taken out in v2.0 and now added back in v3.0. Now it is even easier to let your friends know about camZOO
    ★ Splash Screen (loading screen). Nothing special here, just something new.

    Bug Fixes:
    ★ (Major) Some users were experiencing crashes on the latest version of 10.2.1. This should be fixed.
    ★ (Minor) Sometimes the active frame was blank, this has been fixed.
    01-07-14 10:04 AM
  5. red72's Avatar
    My kids loved this the first time i showed them. Thank you very much for continuing to work on this.
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    01-07-14 04:46 PM
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    v4.0 Update is now available!! Check out the download link to BlackBerry World in post 1 for new full description. Also BlackBerry World has the latest screenshots and icon (very different from what's in post 1 above)

    - Brand new UI/UX. camZOO now has a top menu that makes better use of the screen for displaying the best and most important information at a time. Brand new styling everywhere throughout the app.
    - Added animals: Brown Bear, Elephant, 3rd feed in Penguin 1, new Polar Bear, and Rhino
    - Added Wikipedia pages for all animals - More in depth info for many of the animals
    - Titles on video screen (rather than some nonsense letters/numbers)
    - Improved graphics (in prep for higher resolution devices)
    - New icon, more in the style of OS 10.3 and better represents the theme of the app

    - I had to take out a few feeds that no longer worked. I will continue to monitor those feeds to see if they come back online.
    - Active Frame image removed, will add back in a future update.
    - Online/Offline indicators removed. They were kind of buggy any way. I hope to add back once I get a more stable/accurate way of checking feed status

    v4.0.2 is pending approval and that brings even more updates:

    New features:
    - New webcams!!.... Bats (2 feeds in Florida) and Asian Elephants (1 feed in Washington DC)
    - Animal info page changed to remove nonessential Wikipedia page information and added button to open the wiki page in your browser for further exploration in a proper browser.

    Fixes (from v4.0.0):
    - Black Eagle had the wrong Animal Info page... Fixed
    - Rhino page changed to "White Rhino" to be more specific to the animal in the feed.
    (Thanks Conor for submitting these errors)

    Update Cleanup:
    - Support for 10.1 devices has been restored
    - Removed junk files/images to make the app size 20% smaller
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    08-10-14 10:21 PM
  7. eldricho's Avatar
    Awesome app! Glad to see it still in development, keep up the good work man!

    Posted via CB10
    08-10-14 10:32 PM

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