1. DeJiang Jin's Avatar
    This app will save your money and is FREE now.

    Download Address:Call Timer - BlackBerry World

    1.Call Timer is a native app to save your telephone charges by notice you how long the call lasted.

    2.For instance if you set the vibration time to 01:00(one minute) and the vibration time point to 00:50(50 seconds), then the device will notice you by vibration around 00:50, 01:50, 02:50 and so on when you are making a call.

    3.You can hang up the call around the vibration time point so that to not pay money to another minute.

    4.This app will also vibrate at the connected and hanged up time.

    5.Don't close the app in the background.

    The headless version is under review.

    support: hatmann1944@gmail.com

    Call Timer - native app to save your telephone charges-114.png2.png

    setting page:
    Call Timer - native app to save your telephone charges-0.jpg
    12-07-13 12:15 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Thanks for supporting BB10!
    12-07-13 08:19 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Good luck with your app. And it is very gracious of you to offer it for free to the bb10 community.
    12-07-13 08:47 AM

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