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    I've searched for an answer on this and can't seem to find one. The active frame for calendar only seems to display "upcoming appointments" if those appointments occur that same day. Now, if your life is just one hourly appointment after the next, then I guess that's fine, but generally I have a small handful, sometimes one or zero appointments per day (sometimes an appointment is simply a marker for a full days job, etc). But, as I glance at my phone, unlike my Bold 9900 with a calendar widgets, or Moto X with a calendar widget that shows the next thing.....even if days away....I can't EVER see what's next on the active frame unless it happens to occur that day. So.....if I have something like a haircut appointment coming up later in the week, I get no notice of this until the day of.

    Also, it seems as if the active frame has plenty of room for more than one appointment, yet it only shows one. Just one. Again, my Moto X and 9900 show as many as it can fit in the open space.

    I realize that the active frame is sort of a sad excuse for an actual widget, but can't a native OS app (active frame) at least do the absolute basics of warning you about what's coming up next in your life....and do it before midnight of the day it's happening.....and tell you more than one at a time?
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    06-02-14 05:20 AM
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    I have my calendar send me reminders a day ahead and then two hours before the event. No need for the active frame.
    06-02-14 05:40 AM
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    I have my calendar send me reminders a day ahead and then two hours before the event. No need for the active frame.
    Well, no one really needs an active frame for anything.....however....

    The widget style reminder is:
    A: always there, hovering, passively reminding you of what's next, no matter how far out (perhaps more than a few hours), and
    B: does it without a one time (or perhaps two time) alert that can get lost in the daily flood of vibrations, which may be too late anyway.

    It's sort of like why we use sticky notes near commonly used areas (like, say, a computer screen) to constantly remind us about things.

    Many times I've had things pop up on my screen days or even a week before it occurs and I might say "gosh, I forgot about that, I think I need to (insert some task here)."
    06-02-14 06:07 AM
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    I would also prefer a simple permanent list which shows the next events regardless of their concrete point in time. This is something the Today themes on the old OS6 and 7 BBs did very well. Usually it's a good idea to see, aha, in two days somebody has his birthday and on Saturday I am invited somewhere. Reminders are something other. I don't find them very handy.

    The Hub shows events of the same day in a list on the top. But this list is not good - it tends to disappear! Everytime you miss an event you see later: ah, damned, it has been on the list, but the list wasn't visible. (Why???)
    06-02-14 06:47 AM

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