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    cakeMIx - A Social Experience Application (SEA) to get us off of our phones! (Release TBA)-cakemix-logo-2-smaller.png
    A Social Experience Application (SEA) for the Masses!

    What is cakeMix?/ What is the point of cakeMix?
    CakeMix is a social mixer application that works through experiences.
    For example, lets say you meet somebody in particular and you are grown custom to your new-found acquaintance. Every time you meet up is another way for you and your acquaintance to become closer to friendship. Sounds easy enough to track? It sure is...at first. How about 300 people over the course of a couple of months? How can you tell now who is your true friend and who is there to just help you out in times of need? Sure you can say the most recent of people are your friends, but sometimes those people have other situations that they have to deal with, in which at months at a time are out of connection to meetup. Simply, If there was a way to count how often you and your acquaintance becomes your best friend, everyone would be on the same pace.

    ...and this is where cakeMix comes into play! The design is as simple as using NFC for each meetup. Every time you meet, all you have to do is launch cakeMix and tap phones! Every tap is accounted for a "Mix". Every mix comes into play as a valuable meetup connection, which can be arranged to who is your best friend, featured friends, friends, and potential friends. With cakeMix, a more personal experience can be developed between two people. For the private sector, corporations and small businesses can reestablish the personal connection between employee and consumers, which can create potential profit. For the dating game, starting a conversation is a lot easier with cakeMix as tapping phones can create lasting relationships. cakeMix can give the opportunities a person strive for in a social experience.

    Why am I making "cakeMix"?/Why post on Crackberry?

    When I designed the idea for cakeMix, I had a lot of relationships. I had relationships for just 3 months and relationships that are still going on now. With each relationship, I use social networking to connect to all the acquaintances that I have met over the years. One of the biggest problems is the handling of each friend and how I respond to that situation, which in turn created such a mess in terms of relationships. I did not have one best friend for everything, I had best friends for every little clique I was into. Instead of becoming bogged down with relationships, I figured if we all knew who are the people we talked to in a day and know who are your true friends, then making decisions would be a lot easier for specific situations (which I am not going to mention, but you probably been through with it all). With cakeMix, I constantly wanted to talk to people that seemed interesting to know and have the opportunity to make a lasting relationship.

    The only reason I posted a topic on the Crackberry forums is because that this application is (at the moment) focused on BB10. Only reason why I chose Blackberry over Android/iOS is the security of an application. This security can avoid people to spoof numbers and other tibits in an application so that whomever you meet are 1 to 1 meetups. So far, I am working hard myself so that this application would be available by launch and I am going through a couple of problems in able to set this up for BB.

    So discuss any questions about this app, as I would most likely incorporate some of these suggestions on what I can to polish this app into a nice, shiny finish. If you are a developer and want to assist on designing this application, send me a PM and I would do my best to set up something that would work.


    PS: Thanks Michelle Haag for the Cygnett Blackberry Playbook case in Sandstone! Here are the pictures of what I got from you!

    cakeMIx - A Social Experience Application (SEA) to get us off of our phones! (Release TBA)-img-20120709-00157.jpg
    cakeMIx - A Social Experience Application (SEA) to get us off of our phones! (Release TBA)-img-20120709-00158.jpg
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