1. Milorz77's Avatar
    Hi everybody,

    Quite often i can't watch videos on the native internet brower because it tells me it
    needs a plugin. And it doesn't propose me to download it somewhere.
    Does someone can tell me where to find this video plugin ?

    Thank you very much
    09-16-14 03:40 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Turn off Desktop Mode and that won't be much of a problem.
    FF22 likes this.
    09-16-14 04:19 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    I don't believe "browser plug-ins" are available for the phone. I don't know if 3rd party browsers might already contain the necessary code.
    09-16-14 04:28 PM
  4. Milorz77's Avatar
    Hi and thanks for your answers,

    How do i know i'm in Desktop mode (because i did not change anithing in settings) ? what it is exactly ?
    Thank you

    09-18-14 05:08 AM
  5. diegonei's Avatar
    Browser > Overflow > Settings > Developer Tools

    If that's not it, then I am sorry, I don't know what it is.

    Posted via CB10
    10-22-14 12:47 AM

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