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    Hey Everone!

    I hope everyone is safe, I knew that COVID 19 Pandemic made our life miserable. Most of the people are allowed to work from home, business people no other option than staying at home till lockdown unless if your business is selling essentials.

    I am a hardcore blackberry user since 2011. I would like to share my experiences with the Beast which I was using, I am using and I will be using it.

    2011 - I started using my first blackberry Curve 8520 black one. I need to activate the BIS plan for INR 799/ month + recharge for calling and texting which is quite costly. I use to set up my office email, personal email, BBM, Whatsapp, etc.

    I always love the red light indicator for notifications and also the holster.

    I was happily using this device until 2015.

    2015 - I purchased Bold 9900 from eBay.

    Bold 9900 is a 3G enabled device and also it has NFC technology.

    What I always love with BB devices is that it comes with Holster, which gives you a premium look when you carry your phone out.

    Bold 9900 is well built and touch screen too, it has BBOS 7 I guess. I need to activate the BIS plan for this device too with the same cost every month.

    2017 mid my operator announced that they are upgrading the sim from 3G to 4G, also BIS support stopped by my carrier.

    Late 2017, I was suggested to buy a BB device with BBOS 10 where I can use the internet without activating the BIS plan.

    I purchased Q10 black and in the year 2018 beginning, I also purchased BBPPSE ( Blackberry Passport Silver Edition) and Black one. If you could see my old post I have asked for help to login to a black passport. unfortunately, I couldn't log in.

    up to now date, I am using Q10 and Passport SE happily without any problems.

    Blackberry 10 OS apps:

    Slowly companies like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Linkedin, Google stopped supporting BBOS and discontinued the services from the Blackberry OS platform. But we Blackberrians (Sorry if this is offending someone) looked out the way to use these applications in our beloved OS. At least we tried and we were able to use some of the .apk files and .bar files. I am really thankful to those who developed the app Bird10 for native twitter and @cobalt mainly for developing Google Play store for BB OS.

    Alexey Gurevski - Who introduced Youtube recently

    here the thread for the same:


    Simo Dax - Who introduced Twitter for Blackberry

    Here the thread for the same:


    I really appreciate the work by these guys.

    Finally, my request to the developers here is can we create all the apps like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and more apps to become available for the BBOS 10 platform. I knew it not possible to make these apps available at BBW but can't we develop .bar files using BB play manager we can install the same into our devices.

    I am not tech-savvy to understand these, if possible I would like to contribute to creating these applications working with BB OS 10 platform.

    Kindly share your views and ideas of the same.

    Also, As I said early I am not tech-savvy and I shared my opinion and ideas. If we can make these possible it will be great to have these apps on our BB phone.

    ** Any developers interested to create Application for Blackberry OS PM me lets work together as a team and make every Blackberrian happy to install all necessary apps. I am also searching for the developers here locally.
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    04-23-20 11:37 PM
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    Most apps have cut off all access to the data due to huge privacy concerns so those apps are not legally possible anymore.
    04-24-20 12:45 AM
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    Finally, my request to the developers here is can we create all the apps like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram.
    Not possible.
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    04-24-20 12:06 PM
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    Thank you for all your reply!

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    04-24-20 10:32 PM

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