1. weesteev's Avatar
    Hi Guys

    Losing my hair over this one! Box is constantly trying to upload photos as I have requested but it is duplicating the uploads and giving me a notification every time to tell me that it has duplicated the file and renamed it... there are no options in Box to prevent this and its driving me potty! Haven't seen any other posts about this but surely it cant just be me ??

    Box File Conflict-img_00000623.jpg
    05-14-13 04:15 PM
  2. martan1981#WN's Avatar
    Yeah, it's just you.

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    05-14-13 04:18 PM
  3. weesteev's Avatar
    It looks like it!! I still have the alerts pouring in now! Going to shut it off for now. Frustrating!!
    05-14-13 04:25 PM
  4. dj_matty_s's Avatar
    It happens when you have pics synced, and you've since deleted images. The new images have filenames that are the same as the ones you've previously deleted, as they continue in chronological order from the last pic. Hope that makes sense.

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    05-14-13 04:30 PM
  5. weesteev's Avatar
    Thats what I thought but nothing has been deleted, pictures exist on both phone and Box but the software is trying to upload the same files again and encountering an error. I cant figure out why its doing this?
    05-14-13 04:43 PM
  6. dj_matty_s's Avatar
    That's odd. This happens for me but only when I've deleted pics previously...

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    05-14-13 04:46 PM
  7. clieman's Avatar
    This happened when you di a couple fresh OS install and file number restart from 0. It conflict with the one you sync.

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    05-14-13 07:37 PM
  8. dj_matty_s's Avatar

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    05-14-13 07:57 PM
  9. 1Criz's Avatar
    Same problem here

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    05-15-13 02:41 AM
  10. Andrew4life's Avatar
    I"ve been having the same problem and it seems to happen when I try to access the files from my computer.
    I don't edit them or anything, I just view them, and then my phone starts vibrating like crazy and showing me all these file conflcits. I check Box website and I have all these duplicates.

    Anyone have a fix?
    12-09-13 10:13 PM
  11. D-Bizzie's Avatar
    Happening to me too, and it was caused by trying out the leaked OS's, which resets Box's image file incrementer back to 1 ( like clieman said ).

    I tried renaming the "pictures" folder directly on the web interface of Box, thinking that it would not be able to find the file as being a duplicate if it was in a different folder, but Box "outsmarted" me and is still throwing the "image name conflict" error.

    Computers are supposed to make life easier, not lamer. This makes it lamer...
    01-13-14 10:33 PM
  12. Andrew4life's Avatar
    Having the same issue again!!!!
    Notice how there is an underscore 1 and an underscore 2? _1 _2
    Yes, it is duplicating a second and third time!!!

    Box File Conflict-img_20140408_200026.png

    This started happening when I reinstalled BlackBerry Link and it started syncing my pictures again....
    Box must be picking up on some sort of "File Last accessed" property.

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    04-08-14 08:03 PM
  13. D-Bizzie's Avatar
    Try logging into your box account on a desktop browser and renaming the photos folder in the blackberry folder to something different and it should resolve the issue.

    Posted via CB10
    04-09-14 12:32 AM

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