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    blogWalker is available for blackberry 10

    BlackBerry World - blogWalker for Tumblr

    blogWalker connects to your tumblr.com account, and lets you view, reblog, like, and share posts from tumblr. The biggest benefit of blogWalker is being able to sort tags and blogs into smaller, more related categories, and just choose the types of posts youre interested in. You can also view posts from users without actually having to follow them and clutter up your dashboard by adding them to a category, or you can group all the blogs you follow into more, closely related categories, and view only the ones you are in the mood for. You can use blogWalker to view specific blogs, tags, categories youve created, or your dashboard. There is also a random mode and pre-made categories if you cant decide what you want to see and want blogWalker to do the work for you. blogWalker is the perfect companion for tumblr on your mobile devices! View tumblr on your terms, viewing just posts from your custom-created categories. You can reblog and like posts instantly. You can queue posts, save them as drafts, and add comments and tags to any of the blogs associated with your account. Content can launch into your devices browser to view videos or listen to songs. You can also share links to any of the content through email. Navigate through posts by flicking left and right, or use the simple navigation buttons. blogWalker keeps track of your last viewed post, so you can always get back to where you left off. You can view your dashboard, explore a tag, then explore a category, and then explore a blog, and then get back to each post in the section where you left off. blogWalker lets you dig deep into the depths of tumblr and see some awesome content posted by fellow tumblr users. Please email me with questions, comments, or problems (support@appsbychris.net), and I will get the issue taken care of. blogWalker requires you have a tumblr.com account. It only takes a minute to sign up.

    A free demo version will be out in a few weeks.
    01-31-13 08:54 PM

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