1. quantumFog's Avatar
    Is anyone aware of an app similar to mblware's 'Blackbook', but for OS10? Blackbook was/ is available for 7.0, but since switching to a z10, I can't find anything comparable.

    Blackbook was able to keep a hidden contact list, as well as hidden communications, via sms, email and pin (but not BBM messages). There was no icon, so the existence was unknown to prying eyes.

    Since OS10 can be sideloaded with Android apps, that might open up the possibilities, but alas! I haven't found anything.
    03-09-14 08:52 AM
  2. LoganSix's Avatar
    I guess it would have to be a headless app do it would be running in the background without an icon.

    Posted from my Z30 using CB10
    03-09-14 11:28 AM

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