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    I have a couple questions about BlackBerry Travel.

    So, I have round trip flights coming up soon. I originally booked with one agent but something went wrong so it was cancelled. BlackBerry Travel did automatically scan the email though. So I deleted that one. The new agent (current flights) emailed me but it was not scanned. When I tried to Share to BlackBerry Travel, the "email" that would be sent was very weird and just said my name at the top then "Oh Em Gee" below it. Wth??

    However, I forwarded the agent email to trips@bb... and it worked.

    Now, my question. So the flights are stating as "On Time" for the soon to depart ones, and "Monitored" for the return. However, there isn't any gate information. Will BlackBerry Travel automatically update this? I do have the Air Canada app which does have the information, but I want to see if BlackBerry Travel will update it.

    Also, I noticed I can edit the trip and add more information. Can I add my train information, for example?

    What else can BlackBerry Travel do? I saw the currency converter, weather, things to do, rent a car, reserve a hotel, and check flights.



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    09-17-13 03:25 PM
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    Hi and welcome!
    No the BBTravel app does not update gate information inside the app.
    You will need to check your airline for that info. if there are delays or cancellations the DAY OF....I believe you get notified. I had multiple gate changes on my last trip and I received no information.

    As far as a train, I also took a train while on my last trip. Yes, just send the email confirmation to your BB Travel email and it will populate the travel app.

    You can edit your trip and add gate and seat information if you'd like. It really is a great app!!!
    Enjoy !
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    09-17-13 03:32 PM

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