1. makaiman's Avatar
    *I use BlackBerry Remember extensively, with many entries all assigned to folders. I need to finally get these entries from the Remember folders or just the entries themselves on to my computer to view quicker, manipulate, and bring back into Remember. It's a great app, but will this come in 10.2? Is it available now? Makes no cognitive sense that something so important to BlackBerry Professionals cannot get these on to a computer, possibly bring them into even Notepad or Word, even Excel, then back on to my Z10.

    Someone or anyone who has a similar interest or idea I am grateful for your thoughts.

    *It was nice on my Bold 9930 to bring my memos on to my machine (computer), update them more extensively, then bring them back into my 9930. How this could be missed or if I am missing something, wow... There's nothing like the Z10 (Until I get my hands on a Z30), but my Professional life is getting backed up because I can't work fast enough on the Z or to see things 'bigger' to modify, then jet back into the Remember App.

    Thank you!
    10-07-13 12:25 AM
  2. ssingh_b's Avatar
    I think it syncs to Outlook (notes and tasks) if you use Active Sync
    10-07-13 12:32 AM
  3. bb8900edit's Avatar
    Get a Evernote account. It syncs with Remember and it is also in the Remember app. Save your notes to evernote and they'll show up on your computer.
    10-07-13 02:47 AM
  4. makaiman's Avatar
    Awesome.... Thank you!
    10-14-13 09:58 AM

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