06-24-14 01:31 AM
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  1. Gord Young's Avatar
    Tried to download by scanning it, loaded on my BB10Z, hit open, it disappeard. Tried by downloading from computer, it said an email was on way to phone...no email arrived

    Posted via CB10
    08-21-13 12:33 PM
  2. joewoo's Avatar
    mine also said an email would come and never did but what happened was bbworld autodownload and installed it
    08-21-13 01:16 PM
  3. irnik's Avatar
    worked for me...
    thanks fbf2012!

    -nik, malaysia-
    08-21-13 01:26 PM
  4. Graheem's Avatar
    Update is fine for me. So they (Crack Team) probably can't (shouldn't) make a blanket statement either way - don't/do download since it's works differently for different folks.
    08-21-13 01:49 PM
  5. MsTiaLia's Avatar
    Thank you for posting that workaround! I was expecting that when I downloaded it from my computer I would receive an email with a download link. Instead, my phone automatically downloaded it. I'm back to loving my BB again:-)
    08-21-13 02:41 PM
  6. BryantCarpio's Avatar
    I did this, and it pushed the current version of Maps. After reinstalling the current version everything is working perfect!
    08-21-13 02:51 PM
  7. Swamp55's Avatar
    This fix worked fine for me, and restored the functionality of my BB Maps app. Thanks.

    It IS annoying that a workaround is needed to fix a broken "official" update!
    08-21-13 02:53 PM
  8. jgrobertson's Avatar
    Running OS10.2.0.1047. BlackBerry World does not show update to maps is available. Running maps 790. That is old buy seems to work just fine.

    I have 6 maps apps on my Z10 and I use the BlackBerry one most. It's fast, accurate and slows traffic. I don't use it to navigate. I have GPS in car.

    Posted via CB10
    08-21-13 03:05 PM
  9. King_Cliff's Avatar
    you are a genius !!
    08-21-13 04:25 PM
  10. Rob757's Avatar
    Ok, someone else posted this and it worked, thanks a million.
    First change the browser to desktop mode, then go to blackberryworld.com, go to the maps app, click on it, it'll ask for the user ID and the blackberry pwd, once you're in, hit the download button, that'll take you into your blackberryworld in your device, hit the install or update button and it'll reinstall it without any problems, once it's done, click open. That will fix the issue asap. Also, you don't need an actual pc, doing it this way. Hope it makes sense.

    Posted via CB10
    niss63 and melh72 like this.
    08-21-13 05:31 PM
  11. NW WI woman's Avatar
    Went to app world on my iPad, logged in with no problems, found BlackBerry maps, clicked download, and within seconds it was downloading to my Z10. Works beautifully now!!!

    Posted via CB10
    08-21-13 08:21 PM
  12. maclaskey's Avatar
    Ridiculous BlackBerry can't revert back and fix ASAP. I'm not updating due to feedback until it's fixed. Feel bad for those who have already

    Posted via CB10 with Z10
    08-21-13 08:58 PM
  13. waterfrontmgmt's Avatar
    don't think b maps pro will work without the native maps

    I've given up on Map...and went straight to BeMaps Pro, it seems to have more functionality ?

    The problem is how do I get rid of Map...can't take it off...and it's useless as it closes as soon as you open it.

    Posted via CB10
    08-21-13 09:25 PM
  14. I am JT's Avatar
    Thanks! I have my maps back!

    Posted via CB10
    08-21-13 09:52 PM
  15. C10BB's Avatar
    I got my MAPS working again by doing the following :
    On your BlackBerry browser enter 1.Desktop Mode.
    2. Go to BlackBerryworld.com
    3. Login first.
    4. Then look for the Maps app and download it. It will redirect itself to the blackberry world and download it. Everything was back to normal =)

    Posted via CB10
    08-21-13 10:53 PM
  16. revelations65's Avatar
    Nope that did not work it's still showing upgrade, I have tried many times to update this , even with this method, just not installing, the only thing I can think of is completely removing the app, but not sure how to go about that
    08-22-13 12:46 AM
  17. rana.choudhuri's Avatar
    Wow, thanks. It worked for me as well.

    Posted via CB10
    08-22-13 12:57 AM
  18. Ricardo Pignatari's Avatar
    One of the most critical and important applications has not worked property since its release with OS 10.

    How can BlackBerry reclaim its supremacy when basic apps haven't properly functioned since BlackBerry 10 inception.

    Such negligence ( not to mention the PlayBook) is killing loyal die hard BlackBerry users.

    Posted via CB10
    08-22-13 05:46 AM
  19. jas1978's Avatar
    New update just came out. Fixes crashing.

    Posted via CB10
    08-23-13 12:17 AM
  20. Nikedas's Avatar
    New update just came out. Fixes crashing.

    Posted via CB10
    I can confirm this. I was just notified of an update as well, to version States: "Fixes crash some users were experiencing after upgrading."
    08-23-13 12:29 AM
  21. DickStarrbuck's Avatar
    Ok I tried this "work-around", it pushed the latest version thru. My issue is that the app opens but the map graphics do not show up and the spinning load indicator just sits there and spins for days.

    However, I can enter an address and it will find it, but there are no graphics.

    UPDATE: (well sorta, I found the fix as I was typing this, does that count as an update??)
    Anyway..... If anyone was having my same issue try opening the app, swipe down for settings, tap "Clear History", then click "Clear All"

    The app should close itself. ReStart the app again, agree to the terms, let it load and you should be on your way!
    08-29-13 05:28 PM
  22. jose_trevizo's Avatar
    I'm running the and the app doesn't work. It just closes automatically after I try and open.

    EDIT: After a little bit more digging I found this post
    Basically said to load the .bar file from another leak on top of I did this and BlackBerry Maps works again.

    CB10 on Z10 AT&T STL 100-3 OS
    Last edited by jose_trevizo; 08-30-13 at 02:36 AM.
    08-29-13 06:22 PM
  23. KPron's Avatar
    Can't find a map app that works, whether free or for fee. Keeps saying
    "The item is not available for your selected device." Argghhhhhhhh
    09-20-13 04:59 PM
  24. Sohrabeck's Avatar

    Let me know why Blackberry Maps are not supported in Azerbaijan but supported neighbouring ? What can i to do for using Blackberry 10 original maps in my country ?

    Best regards
    06-24-14 01:31 AM
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