1. MFLoGrasso's Avatar
    Just a couple thoughts for the BlackBerry Maps app. Any ideas on if these will happen?

    ?Walking directions - I really don't need to walk a block out of my way to follow the rules of one way streets when I'm on foot.
    ?A more accurate drive time - I recently had a 390-mile trip, and it was expected I would make the trip in 6 hrs exactly, which would be quite difficult to do legally when I had to engage in some city driving, and no state I would drive through had a speed limit above 65.
    ?An on-screen ETA instead of/in addition to the estimated drive time.

    Posted via CB10
    08-11-14 09:00 PM
  2. sk8er_tor's Avatar
    I've had BlackBerry Maps instruct me to park my car and walk to my destination in the past, with walking instructions.

    Regarding accurate ETA, I agree with you and hope they improve it.
    08-11-14 10:36 PM
  3. MFLoGrasso's Avatar
    Parking your car and walking is one thing, but when I'm in a hotel in downtown Washington, DC and need to get to a restaurant about a mile away, there isn't going to be any convenient parking for me. Walking is the best option at that point.

    Posted via CB10
    08-12-14 08:02 PM

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