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    I just read an article which stated Viber is not coming to BB10 I have a Viber account which I don't use. I have a few contacts in Whatsapp which I do comunicate with often. Most if not all the cross platform Messengers use your phone number to populate people to your list, those you want and don't want. Once BBM goes cross platform it will be the only cross platform service I will need. BBM will eliminate my need to use other services. I also love the fact that a pin is used to add a contact and that you get to choose who you add or not add.

    I wish Blackberry ONLY add apps to BlackBerry World which met a certain criteria starting with a minimum of 50,000 downloads. If you have not reached that amount then out you go or you are not added. Blackberry should change their strategy, be selective, not anyone one can just create an app and it is added. If Blackberry does not have a an app in BlackBerry World which they want, then get an alternative. NO NETFLIX then go for Blockbuster, Amazon or Crackle app, subscription based which you could use on any of your devices. I have a Netflix account which I rarely use. So if Blackberry partnered with Blockbuster, which has a larger selection of movies, I would subscribe to the service. Blackberry should decide which apps are added not the other way around. Blackberry a new company that is doing touch better than any of the other platforms Wow!!! BB10 ROCKS so to add these BS apps to this amazing platform does not make any sense. Apple iOS7 has already started to mimic the operating system. If Apple and Android got rid of all their garbage apps, their app count would fall more than 50% BlackBerry has always been about quality, this should also apply to BlackBerry World.

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    10-14-13 08:34 PM
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    Where did you read that? They have previously gone on record saying it WAS coming....

    Viber CEO Talmon Marco says BlackBerry 10 app likely to arrive alongside BlackBerry 10.2 | CrackBerry.com
    10-15-13 12:10 AM
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    They said it on twitter and it's on the CB blog...

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    10-15-13 12:12 AM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    10-15-13 12:14 AM

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