1. neil74's Avatar
    I have tried and mostly liked BB Maps and with not option to buy Tomtom or Copilot et-al (apps work but license does not activate) I think BB maps mostly does the job, but.....

    It really seems to work the phone very hard, on the Z10 it drained the battery faster than the car charger charged it and on my new Z30 it is also an issue. Yesterday I did a 120 mile journey, used BB navigation and was also streaming music via bluetooth and 100 miles in the phone was red hot and started acting up with bluetooth disconnecting and the music player throwing up an error.

    Has anybody else experienced this? Also wondering if there any other options I might have missed? Mireo was a nice app but no cameras or traffic (expensive maps too), waze seems another option but unsure how good that is either.
    02-08-14 05:39 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    unfortunately, the gps uses quite a bit of power. then you were also using the bluetooth

    I have not tested amy of tje gps programs longer term. do you have an official car charger? not sure if the bb charger provides more power in car.
    02-08-14 09:28 AM
  3. mad_mdx's Avatar
    Navigation on any one phone uses a lot of power but what is using the most power is your display. Try shutting off the screen of the screen next time, it will use next to nothing as far as power.
    I can go many hours with BlackBerry maps with the screen off. Screen on it would barely last an hour lol.

    The only downside is applications like Waze don't give you directions with the screen off. But BlackBerry maps does and it usually is very good about it
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    02-08-14 11:16 AM
  4. neil74's Avatar
    I understand that gps uses more power, just saying that bb maps seems ott. I used the mireo trial and have used TT and CP on other platforms the same way with no issues.

    Just think that BB maps seems especially bad in this regard.
    02-08-14 05:06 PM

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