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    Biorhythms Pro is a biorhythm calculation app for BB10. Provides features missing from other apps of this kind: storing data of two persons and quickly switching between them, biorhythm interpretation, warning about critical days, scrollable graph, information about cycles (completed, day of current cycle, etc.) and more.

    Biorhythms Pro for BB10-biorhythms_bb10_1.jpg

    Its main screen is divided into three parts: buttons to select person, detailed biorhythm levels for the selected day (with some additional information like the number of completed cycles, day of current cycle, whether the biorhythm is currently rising or falling, etc.) and a scrollable graph. Interpretation of the current biorhythm reading is available via the "Interpret" button. The program also contains a help page informing how to use the application, and a history and explanation of the biorhythm theory.

    Biorhythms Pro for BB10-biorhythms_bb10_2.jpg

    Originally written for the Nokia 9210 Communicator in early 2002 as the first biorhythm application for smartphones, popular on Symbian and MeeGo (some reviews can be seen e.g. here) and now also ported to BlackBerry 10. Native Qt application with Qt Components.

    Price: $0.99
    Link: Biorhythms Pro - BlackBerry World

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    Good luck with this app. The screenshots look quite colorful.
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    07-26-14 10:50 AM
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    Feeling nostalgic of symbian after seeing your apps Burning platform

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    07-26-14 11:07 AM
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    Feeling nostalgic of symbian after seeing your apps Burning platform
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    Thanks This is a Qt application, so it runs NATIVELY on BB10, it's just that due to using Qt Components certain UI elements like menus or buttons look like on Symbian/MeeGo rather than BB10. But it's just the look, while the functionality is fully native. It wasn't making much sense to re-write it from scratch in Cascades only to make a couple of buttons and the menu bar look different, I hope that BB10 users don't mind it.
    07-27-14 06:39 PM

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