1. AmiigoMobile's Avatar
    What's the best way for me to get our BlackBerry app reviewed?
    How does Amiigo save money on international and roaming mobile calls? | Amiigo
    04-28-14 05:15 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    have you put it in appworld yet?
    05-04-14 05:13 PM
  3. anon(5818411)'s Avatar
    new best way to get your app out there is Beta Zone, second is making a thread in these forums and putting it in your sig and listening to members on how to improve it.

    This is the most popular Blackberry fan base.

    Another thing you can try is sending it to for free:
    DJ Reyes: Twitter @djr3yes, BBM Channels C000124E24 and James Richardson.
    Tell them to review it and then they could potentially put it on Crackberry's Blog with a link to your app thread. They basically make a review of the app of the pros and cons then send people to your app thread.

    Send it to every Blackberry fan site owner and ask them to review it. Berry review, Blackberry OS, N4BB, Blackberry empire, berry flow and so on.

    Good luck
    05-04-14 09:39 PM

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