1. Beakman's Avatar
    Hello all,
    I'm looking for an app that will allow me to choose the LED color for system monitoring, i.e. a blue led for when B/T is on, another color for when there is no cell service and/or 4G service, WiFi, etc. I don't need message notifications or special contact notification colors although that won't preclude having those along with what I am looking for.
    Requirements are: Simple to configure, Reliable, and Headless.
    Thanks in advance.
    03-23-14 10:06 AM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I LOVE BeBuzz. Been buying it ever since I first got BlackBerry phones, way back when it was called BerryBuzz.
    03-23-14 10:20 AM
  3. aurelpascu24's Avatar
    I recomand you hub++ easy to use an headless

    Posted via CB10
    03-23-14 10:46 AM
  4. Beakman's Avatar
    Thanks for both the above but neither of those two has much going for system indicators except cell coverage, unless I missed something. A blue bluetooth led is what I'm looking for foremost as per the older BBOS.
    03-23-14 12:00 PM
  5. asifj's Avatar
    Check out Power Tools. It has lots of options.

    Posted via CB10
    03-23-14 01:21 PM

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