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    I use these apps a ton on my macbook and android...
    Recently switched to bb10 because I'm a sucker for bb.
    What's another good option? Needs to cloud sync so I can work on them from phone and macbook.


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    09-06-16 09:32 PM
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    09-06-16 10:53 PM
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    OneDrive is worth looking into, it offers storage and document editing on the web. On your phone you can edit docs through Docs to Go and save them to OneDrive via BB10's File Manager app and Connect to OneDrive from BB World.
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    09-06-16 11:01 PM
  4. Drenegade's Avatar
    Dropbox and onedrive sync very well with BB10. They are deeply integrated into the native file manager and share function. This includes excellent compatibility with android apps.

    Download the native apps in BlackBerry World.

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    09-06-16 11:39 PM
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    I'm using OneDrive and most of its accompanying services and it syncs fine with BB10 both ways, I'm happy with it so I definitely recommend it
    For OneNote you do need to install the Android version of it though or buy the app Memoir on BlackBerry World (it works a little different but it does support OneNote sync). OneDrive syncs with BlackBerry's Connect to OneDrive app. Docs To Go also syncs fine with your Office Online (stored on OneDrive) documents.

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    09-06-16 11:54 PM
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    This is awesome, thanks all!

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    09-07-16 12:02 AM
  7. DFClarke's Avatar
    I ran into this headache when I switched to BlackBerry Classic. The short answer is you'll get the best cloud experience between your phone and cloud/laptop with a combination of Evernote + Dropbox/PlayCloud + BlackBullet.

    If you want to stick with Google Drive, then the nearest you can get is an app called PlayCloud. I say 'nearest' because you'll have to re-upload your Google Doc changes manually to PlayCloud. (BlackBullet is great for instantly pushing files and clipboard contents between your phone and laptop.)

    I've found that only Dropbox on my Blackberry truly provides a realtime cloud-based editing experience. (I found Box and OneDrive to be laggy and prone to errors.)
    Evernote pretty much speaks for itself and is superior to Google Keep.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
    09-07-16 04:43 AM
  8. mbirth's Avatar
    If you want to stick with Google Drive, then the nearest you can get is an app called PlayCloud.
    Or DocsToGo from the Amazon Appstore which has native integration with Google.
    01-05-17 11:41 AM

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