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    I am a big fan of the features that BeBuzz brings to the BlackBerry experience. I always wished that BlackBerry would allow you to customise the LED yourself as part of an option that was cooked into the OS but it has not happened to date. I purchased several times and was operating BeBuzz without any issue on all my Legacy devices throughout the years and loved the idea of simply looking at what colour LED was flashing and knowing who was trying to contact me or what app was notifying me of something. Also love the rainbow LED.

    But that is all about the Legacy version. I've had a BlackBerry 10 phone since its release in Australia last year and I didn't buy BeBuzz for BlackBerry 10 because of the lack of headless support. I realise it's not a big deal for some but for me it was a deal breaker as I never use active frames and I like to close apps when not using them.

    Now on 10.2.1 headless support is available and I was super excited but I have read SO many mixed reviews about the app. A lot of people are saying it doesn't work or it half works or works sometimes... Needless to say if this is the case I'd be better off waiting for some sort of update to fix the issues so many people are having.

    Can anyone clarify the exact performance of the app through their own experience to help me decide if it's worth getting or waiting until an update is launched? Those who have bought it now and are experiencing the issues, do you feel it was worth it given the problems?

    Also is there any effect on battery life?

    Thanks all

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    03-18-14 03:08 AM
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    As you say, there may be some effects on battery life because simply, the app is always on. However, if you are like me and NEED the colored LEDs, then an app like BeBuzz is the way to go. I personally have used Hub++ on my Z10 and have not gone back to Be Buzz (even though I bought it first). I do love the colors that Be Buzz offers, however, some of those combinations I can't get on Hub++

    yes, reviews are mixed but I guess the best way to decide if its going to work for you is to try it. Some apps just work better being in an active frame but both of these are headless so you got nothing to lose but a few bucks. I can't have sound on at my job at all so I need the varying colored LEDS. Do wish they were baked into the OS for sure.
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    03-18-14 06:43 AM
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    Works fine for me just make sure your settings are adjusted properly. With the headless support it makes it much much better. Buy it, its worth it.
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    03-18-14 02:23 PM
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    Coming from an OS 7.1 device to the Q10, the first thing I noticed was that led customization weren't baked into OS10 like they were into 7.1.
    Very surprised.

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    03-22-14 10:41 PM
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    It has been working flawlessly for me. I would recommend it.

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    03-22-14 10:58 PM
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    All of the major headless notification apps for BB10 seem to have trouble with reliability. And I don't think it's because the developers are incompetent, I think there are OS issues.

    Of the 4 full-featured ones I am aware of (BeBuzz, Hub++, Watcher, and Color LED Message/Power Tools), the only ones I have not heard much about reliability problems are the Toysoft ones (Color LED Message / Power Tools), and I'm guessing that's because they don't seem to have enough customers to post things about them.

    (Power Tools seems to be a fairly popular app, but I have a feeling most of its users didn't buy it for its notification features)
    03-22-14 11:18 PM
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    So I tried it out, overall i'd sum it up as okay. I like having the colourful LED but feature wise it's a bummer. Like no individual BBM LED assigning, lack of control over specific LED colours and combinations and buggy like the LED blinks when sending an email or not at all.

    Oh well $3 burned but hopefully there will be some updates to address/fix some things.

    Would I say it's worth it? Probably not at this stage but hopefully it'll get better as time goes on.

    03-23-14 04:11 AM
  8. Omnitech's Avatar
    Like no individual BBM LED assigning, lack of control over specific LED colours and combinations...
    Those 2 things are OS limitations. BBOS actually provided a lot more flexibility in terms of how a notifications enhancement app could interact with the OS, LED and sound than BB10 does.
    03-23-14 04:26 AM

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