05-17-14 01:45 AM
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  1. Omnitech's Avatar
    Nope, I can only buy it now and it's not shown in My World.

    I had the same thing happen.

    I am a "sandbox" user and supposed to have free access to at least the beta version if not the commercial version. But I paid for a license anyway.

    When I went to install on my second device (licenses are sharable amongst all devices associated to the same BBID), it had no record of me owning the product. And while I could have taken it up with Bellshare, I was in a hurry to get that device up and running after an OS re-install and just paid the license fee again.

    Makes me wonder if Bellshare just zeroed-out the paid status for all sandbox users after the final version shipped, no matter how that paid status was achieved.

    Or: bug in BBW. That never happens, of course.
    05-17-14 01:45 AM
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