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    I think that the active frame of BBM on BB10 makes no sense at all, it is rather confusing than informative. "Events" from the last few hours - maybe days? - are being presented on the active frame, in a kind of wraparound mode. When looking at it, I never know if anything of relevance will be presented to me on the active frame. So I've actuall given up looking at it.

    I very much prefer Whatsapp's active frame, as it always displays the last message that I sent (if I want it), together with the one or two checkmarks. I know the check marks do not entirely match the Rs and Ds of BB's, but they give me at least a feeling of what the status of my last message is. BBM's active frame does not show any message statuses at all, so again, a not very informative and therefore useless display in my eyes. Actually, a missed opportunity to demonstrate what active frames could do.

    I wonder how other users see this, and would appreciate if BB takes this as a valid enhancement request for the next BBM release.
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    12-12-13 11:35 AM
  2. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    The issue lies with the fact that not many BBM users take advantage of the 'updates feed' as BlackBerry probably envisioned. If your contacts (and now Channels) more actively updated their status/posts/images, the active frame would seem more like a 'news feed' than just 'outdated random updates of little relevance'.

    Hopefully as people adopt channels, this will change. But really the issue is that BlackBerry has not educated users on what the 'updates' feature could be used for.

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    12-12-13 11:44 AM
  3. gnirkatto's Avatar
    I'm not sure. After reading your post, I tried to figure out in more detail what this frame does, by just sitting and staring at it.
    It changes its display about once per minute. So it shows me that one of my contacts changed his profile image, about 3 weeks ago. Another contact commented a picture in one of my groups, 2 weeks ago. And another contact, who commented another picture in a group, also 2 weeks ago approx. Another one changed profile image ~10 days ago. And this goes on and on and on, forever?

    I didn't see any update on Channels. And yes, I do have subscribed to 10 Channels or so, marked some as favourites, and I'm getting these updates in the updates feed within the app. But not on the active frame. Would be pointless anyway imho, who wants to sit for an hour or so, staring at the active frame, hoping that something of relevance will come along?

    So for me, the active frame display, in its current occurrence, is utterly useless. But this is why I started this thread. I'm hoping BB will develop this into something that makes sense in a future release.
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    12-12-13 01:22 PM
  4. Lostfile's Avatar
    I agree, OP. One of my friends updated his picture....a month ago and it is still the first thing that pops up in the active frame. It'd be nice if it displayed more relevant info but, then again, I barely use the active frame as much as I access BBM from the hub.
    12-12-13 08:40 PM
  5. Lumberman's Avatar
    I was actually searching to see if there was a way to change this and this thread popped up.

    I have so many contacts in BBM that still say "i made the switch to blackberry 10" it's almost ridiculous. I also much prefer the whatsapp active frame. I think I would rather the BBM frame just display the icon if not the last message.
    03-10-14 12:04 PM
  6. bassicmama's Avatar
    Agreed. What is currently displayed is useless, even annoying very outdated info. How many contacts available, or last convo, or cycle thru contact pics even, would be better.

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    03-10-14 02:36 PM
  7. hamza817's Avatar
    I agree. Its a nonsense.

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    03-10-14 02:47 PM
  8. guttaperk's Avatar
    Would much prefer feedback on the status of recent messages.

    By far.
    03-12-14 04:06 AM
  9. cuek80's Avatar
    Agree. Then perhaps an idea for BB to use active frame for something else?
    I currently only seeing it like a task manager for app that doesn't have permission to run on background, and by default, will urge me to "actively" close the "active frames"

    Posted via CB10
    03-12-14 04:54 AM

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