1. mnmikeinsc's Avatar
    My apologies in advance to the purists - I did not scour Crackberry prior to submitting this question. If the answer exists would you pls point me to the link.

    Q: Does a consolidated list exist that compares "which App" works on "which device" (Z10, Q10, Torch, 9930, Playbook, e.g.)?

    Example: I had Waze on my Torch 9800, it is apparently a native App for the Z10 but not the Q10 w/o side-loading it. (I believe I could side load it but am not ready to leap that hurdle - even though I just used Sachesi to load 10.2).
    03-10-14 09:39 PM
  2. just_luc's Avatar
    close to 200,000 apps in BlackBerry world.. nobody is going to make such a list..

    Your best bet is to load BlackBerry world in your web browser on your PC, and set the device filter, and search for apps to see if they are available for your device of choice.
    03-10-14 10:48 PM

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