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    Hi folks,

    I just released my app BargainBlitz to Blackberry AppWorld today - a social shopping app (that I think is awesome )

    My company name is Zunandi (pronounced 'zoo-nan-dee', so you can check me out at Home Page for any information about the new App). Currently the app is available in Canada and the USA because it only supports the dollar. However, it will get a wider release as I add a settings section to switch between various currencies. Furthermore, I am not sure about Blackberry map and Foursquare support in places like the Middle east and Asia (maybe the community could help out with this).

    Longer term, I am adding tons of new features ('like' button, settings, etc...) and I am working on an Android version (iPhone to come a little later).

    Since the app is brand new, there likely won't be any bargains in your area, so be the first person to add a bargain! Simple to do:

    1. Snap a shot of the bargain when you are shopping (the item that is a bargain). A bargain is simple to identify - it is something that you like and that you find to be a good price.

    2. Enter all of the bargain info (price $, %off, location, short description).

    3. Press 'Ok' and voila, the bargain is added!

    Let me know what you think! If you love it, hate it, I want to hear! Just give constructive feedback please. The app is completely free.

    If you have any questions: send me an email

    BTW - if you have questions, you can ask me here in this thread too!!! Sign off below.

    AppWorld link (Canada):
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    Congratulations on the new app release!

    Please edit post #1 to add both the BB World link and the price at either the top and/or bottom of your post. Thanks!
    09-23-13 10:04 AM
  3. Peter Lee4's Avatar
    Thanks Elite,

    09-23-13 10:08 AM

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