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    I use my BlackBerry as hotspot. Is there a way to load a bar file without wi fi?

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    05-10-14 03:30 AM
  2. jevinzac's Avatar
    You can either use Sachesi or download Connectify Pro and install it on your laptop. Then turn on network sharing(you don't need to have any Internet connection for this). Then connect your BB10 device to the Connectify hotspot by searching for WiFi from your BB10 device. After the connection, it'll show an ip address of your device on the Connectify Pro. Insert that ip address on to the Chrome Plugin. Development mode should be turned on and you must enter the password on to the Chrome Plugin, ignore the ip address shown on the device.
    You are good to go.

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    05-10-14 03:48 AM
  3. UnlimitedEra's Avatar
    Use a USB port and the chrome plug in called PlayBook App Manager

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    05-10-14 06:32 AM

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