1. JNCB's Avatar
    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good off-line map application for Argentina and Brazil? I'll mostly be in Buenos Aires and Rio, but the Iguazu Falls area would be nice to have as well.

    Thanks CB!
    10-18-13 11:26 PM
  2. Anonymous2039's Avatar
    Despite the fact that S4BB has spammed BlackBerry World with tens of thousands of his "city guides", I hear they're actually quite decent. I can't be sure though.

    "Better a broken promise than none at all" (Mark Twain). Remember that, complainers. Via Q10.
    10-18-13 11:53 PM
  3. Wolfgan's Avatar
    Magellan is a nice app for offline maps usage. You can choose different sources for your maps needs. Wolf

    Posted via CB10
    10-21-13 06:42 PM

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