1. Carterbits's Avatar
    If you've downloaded my app (Noted) and haven't left a review yet, would you please consider doing so?


    Download Noted, my 5-star rated, native BB10 notepad app.
    04-28-14 08:05 AM
  2. Carterbits's Avatar
    Actually, let's make this generic. I think that most devs would be glad to have more reviews.

    Let's make this app-review Monday. I'm going to go leave reviews for Star Tracker and Chimpact.

    Download Noted, my 5-star rated, native BB10 notepad app.
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    04-28-14 08:11 AM
  3. Carterbits's Avatar
    A huge thanks to everyone who has downloaded and / or reviewed my apps!!

    Download Noted, my 5-star rated, native BB10 notepad app.
    04-30-14 09:44 AM
  4. bb10_fan's Avatar
    In order to get many reviews you just need to make your app not-workable. Then you'll have a flood of "reviews" Just kidding, nice app by the way. Thanks for supporting BB10 platform and fighting against "(Cr)app for ..." army
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    05-01-14 05:54 AM

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