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    Any TV lovers out there who have a hard time remembering what episodes you've watched? I know I have, until a good friend (Not to be named... Keith) showed me this app and it has quickly become a favorite of mine. It's so simple to use, and does almost everything I need. Not only does it keep track or what you've watched, but also shows you when the next episode will air (if available). The UI is so basic and simple that anyone will get the hang of it in just minutes. You click the "Add Show" at the bottom, type in the search bar what you're looking for and then select it. Be careful though, some shows will have multiple listings and you won't know if you've selected the correct one until it adds it (kinda annoying but very minor). The Developer Micke Prag did an amazing job with SeriesFinale and a little sneak peak from him showed me that an Export/Import Data function is coming with the next release. This was the one thing that I felt it was missing when I first downloaded it. Other than that it's been great and I suggest everyone download it via the link below and leave a review once you have. In the world of apps nothing is perfect. If you find a bug I'd suggest emailing the dev before leaving a bad review. He was very quick to reply to me when I emailed.

    When you first open the App SeriesFinale you're greeted with this screen.

    As you can see, the Developer Micke Prag tried to make this app very user friendly by showing you where to start. Once you click add show you'll be taken to the next screen where you enter a show.

    Choosing which one you want will add it to your list and you'll have all the info on the main page every time you start the app.

    By selecting the show you'll go into a breakdown of season and then even further into episodes if you choose.

    SeriesFinale is very easy to use, and the Developer gives the impression that more features are still to come. Personally I give it 5 stars, but you be the judge. Download it below.

    SeriesFinale - BlackBerry World
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    11-10-13 07:28 PM
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    Thanks for the review Derek! This is an app I could use as my DVR is almost full
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    11-10-13 07:33 PM
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    Use this app for almost all of my shows
    Really great app!

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    11-10-13 09:06 PM
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    Looks awesome, I'll have to check it out !
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    11-10-13 09:43 PM
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    Looks awesome, I'll have to check it out !
    It really is awesome.
    11-23-13 08:52 AM

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