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    SlideMeter provides a way to measure the dimensions of near objects similar to classical meters. This is done by moving along the object's side you want to measure its length while holding the Hold button (e.g. measuring the width of a door, a carpet or a bed). To make more accurate measures, you can select the average check box which displays the mean of more than one measure of the dimension.

    link: https://appworld.blackberry.com/webs...ode=EG&lang=en

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    12-16-13 05:03 PM
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    Good luck with your app's release as a FREE version. Thanks for supporting the BB10 platform.

    My current need might be a good use - I have to put quarter-round as baseboard trim in my bathroom and it calls for 7 pieces of varying lengths.
    12-16-13 08:52 PM

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