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  1. nyfinch's Avatar
    Last week, while trying to purchase an app in BBW, I received a message saying "carrier billing is not supported by the carrier". During the past 15 months on T-Mobile, I had purchased many apps without problem, including as recently as a few days earlier. I would be asked for my password, confirm the purchase, and the charge would appear on my next T-Mobile bill.

    Edit: I also tried buying three other apps but met the same negative response.

    I contacted T-Mobile support, and after apparently getting shuffled to an app department and then to someone said to be a BB specialist (at T-Mobile?). After confirming there were no blocks on my account (for unpaid bills, etc.), he said he'd look into it further and get back to me. That came yesterday, when he could only tell that "carrier billing is apparently not supported for your phone", which is an unlocked Passport on the original 10.3 OS.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know the cause, or more importantly, how to fix it? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    03-21-15 09:46 AM
  2. sbx9900's Avatar
    it may be that the app, not the carrier, does not support carrier billing....this happened to me when i was trying to buy an app i wanted. However, that same message occurred. But when i tried another app, it went through.
    03-21-15 09:57 AM
  3. MADBRADNYC's Avatar
    T-Mobile no longer supports carrier billing for BlackBerry devices since the beginning of March. Only BlackBerry devices. All other platforms are still supported.

    Posted via CB10
    03-21-15 10:52 AM
  4. RoboticGolem's Avatar
    Standing in a T-Mobile store right now because I've been having the same issue. @Madbradnyc is this true? Where did you get the information? T-Mobile doesn't know anything about it.
    04-08-15 12:25 PM
  5. faab's Avatar
    I have the same issue. And I'm on t-mobile germany. Wanted to purchase an app today but it doesn't work.

    Posted via CB10 on my ZED10
    06-07-15 06:30 PM

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