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    Hey guys, I have Acrobat Pro at work and can easily create and modify PDF files. My wife, who is taking post grad courses, recently found out about my 'magical' PDF-crafting abilities... and keeps sending me documents to merge, split or delete/add pages from/to. Sometimes that means I have to fire up my work laptop just to merge two pdf files.

    I know I can buy her Acrobat Pro for students for $119, but does anyone know of any mobile solution available for BB10 (we both have Z10s)??? I can't even seem to find a decent Android one to try to sideload. I have "PaperPusher Scanner", but that only allows you to create PDFs from image files (jpg, etc.).

    Again, don't need all the bells and whistles Acrobat Pro has, just basic PDF merge, split, delete/add pages. I'm surprised I can't find one on BlackBerry World... PDF recently turned 20 years old!

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    06-22-13 10:22 AM
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    I would love to have this capability - or even just to be able to merge multiple pages into one pdf document.

    EDIT: I have been able to merge documents created in Paper Pusher Scanner, but not existing PDF or word documents.

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    07-21-13 06:29 AM
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    Hi AnimalPack200, your wife sounds pretty much like my BFF. Once she found my "magical" ability, anything related is all mine.
    Anyway, you can check out this mobile PDF viewer, it supports all the stuff you mentioned above: merge, split, delete, add PDF. A little hard to install, but quite easy to use. Hope it'll help.
    05-04-14 10:10 PM
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    There's an Android port in BlackBerry World called PDFsplitter

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    05-04-14 11:22 PM

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