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    Is there an app where you can move data bases e.g. from dictionairies or even whole apps to the external sd card?

    On PalmOS there was one doing this

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    08-16-15 06:29 PM
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    Made thread title a bit more clear.
    Thread moved from BBOS Apps to BB10 Apps Forum. The original forum is meant for apps running on legacy BBOS devices such as Bold, Torch, Curve, etc.

    In short, no this can't be done, unless an individual app had its own option to customize its database location, such as Home Screen Plus (formerly Wallpaper Changer HD) does.

    BB10 definitely doesn't allow apps to run from a Media Card. My understanding is it's for security reasons, but I've never read something definitive on this. Others claim it's (also?) to prevent app piracy.

    You can explore in File Manager and review locations of app databases. You might find some apps/games have cache folders for images, videos, ads, etc, that can be emptied. If I'm keeping the app, I empty the folder versus actually deleting it. Proceed with caution!
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    08-16-15 07:51 PM
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    Thanks for moving the thread and your answer. I thought this might be something obsolete, also haven't found this for Android.
    I only got 6 GB free on my device but hope to be able to move at least navigating maps to ext card.

    Just laughing, my fist Vajo Notebook had a full HD of 6 GB... some 15 years ago

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    08-17-15 05:16 AM
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    "Mireo, Don't Panic" is a mapping/routing app that does allow its maps to be stored on an SD card. It is NOT cheap.
    08-17-15 09:46 AM
  5. nimra's Avatar
    "Mireo, Don't Panic" is a mapping/routing app that does allow its maps to be stored on an SD card. It is NOT cheap.
    Thanks, I have seen that, but right now I will not buy, hopeing 'here' from Nokia will come working on my Q10 and/or Navfree said they are considering getting card export into it too

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    08-17-15 04:39 PM

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