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    For those of you, like me, that really enjoy the features of Google Voice, I have spoken with the apps manager with RINGTO. His reasoning for no BB app was a lack of interest shown by BB users. He said there has been 0 BB users asking for this app. He advised me to create the following link and have my idea for a native app to Blackberry developed. I think we all understand the benefits of a built for BB app. The idea needs enough votes for them to consider the possibility. RingTo would work similar to google voice, we would have a dedicated number assigned to it, you could port your google voice number and it has visual voicemail as well. I know I use Google Voice a lot for businesses and numbers that might become annoying calling me all the time, with Google voice I can easily weed those numbers out and ignore them, you would be able to do the same with RingTo. So click on this link, register and vote for BB users to get this app..

    02-27-15 02:05 PM
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    Slightly off the mark but it's still relevant information. As I know it, ringto supplies GV/hangouts their phone numbers.

    Just a little factoid.
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    02-27-15 02:20 PM

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