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    AIO (All In One Remote) by Hisham Hassan Bakr


    This app rocks!!! It can control you computer via wifi or BT.

    It can act as a mouse, a put remote, a media player remote, and the pro version includes a joy pad and file manager remote.

    All In One Remote-img_00000063.png
    All In One Remote-img_00000065.png
    All In One Remote-img_00000066.png

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    05-17-13 04:24 PM
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    Watched that CBLive interview too. Very well done.
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    05-17-13 04:48 PM
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    One of my favorite apps

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    05-19-13 03:22 AM
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    Thank you very much for your post and happy to receive your suggestions anytime.

    By the way, I published a new version 3.4.4:

    All In One Remote-aio-remote-3.4.4-snapshot.jpg

    - Q10/Q5 mouse Pad: use physical keyboard to write instead of virtual keyboard
    - Q10/Q5 keyboard shortcuts supported (use 'c' to create item and 'e' to edit item) in remote pcs, media players and custom remotes pages
    - Custom remotes many improvements
    - Align custom remote buttons easily
    - Re-size custom remote buttons by 2 fingers
    - New type of buttons (Color Button)
    - Predefined media players returned again
    - MousePad: Enable/Disable Drag mode by long press on left button
    - Help pages updated. Video added, bluetooth common issues and many methods to reach me (mail, BBM, facebook, twitter, website)
    - Bluetooth unlocked for free in current release and may be locked again in future
    - File manager unlocked for 1 minute to try it for free
    - File manager: use back button to navigate up in file system
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    07-03-13 01:55 PM
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    Thanks for your replies. Tons of features are coming in future versions.

    Latest version 3.4.5 targets creative people only:

    - Are you ready to control your imagination
    - Create custom remotes with any graphic design ever you imagine
    - Change background color of custom remote or set any image as background
    - New type of buttons (Image Button). Create image using image editor and save it on device. Use image as a button
    - Image button can be any shape not just rectangle. Png file can have transparent background
    - You can import image from device file system or from camera directly
    - Better buttons alignment by displaying position/size info while repositioning/resizing

    i will try to upload photos / videos about how to use advanced custom remote designer
    07-27-13 07:52 AM
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    Future of Aio Remote is totally different !

    You can check this Blog posts of Android version to know what I mean

    Hisham Bakr Blog: Aio Remote "Android" v3.4.7 is a major update introducing Android control

    Hisham Bakr Blog: Aio Remote "Android" v3.4.8 is another major update introducing Online Remotes Gallery

    Also check this video:
    12-30-13 03:14 PM

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