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    We have seen many threads on what apps are needed for BB10 to suceed, I see a growing trend for some of the bigger apps made by companies that have a stake in a certian OS. If you are Google why would you put Google maps on BB or IOS( yes I know they just launched maps for ios) In one of the articles I read it said that Google wasnt that keen on building out apps for IOS. If Google maps is a must have for you than I think Google would want to push you to Android. I understand that 3rd party developers would gain more by having thier apps available on all platforms, some do have an agenda. For instance, MS could limit Office applications on other platforms to drive BIZ traffic towards WP8. There are many examples and I see the market starting to get tighter on certian apps. Companies are going to get less friendly to other OS to try and increase market share through exclusivity. I also can see someone like MS paying for an app exclusivly like Netflix. Also does MS really want Skype on BB10?
    Just my theory
    12-13-12 11:06 AM
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    Part of the deal for the purchase of Skype by Microsoft was to support other platforms. As much as they might like to leverage Skype with W8, it's not in their best interest to make it an exclusive.
    12-13-12 11:19 AM
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    When on the hunt to see what RIM is doing to close the "app gap" there is one guy to talk to, and that is Adam Stanley. Adam is the Senior Application Development Consultant at Research In Motion, and while not talking about bacon or HTML5, Adam and his team are actively working with developers and helping them to get their apps onto the BlackBerry PlayBook and ready for BlackBerry 10. During my visit to Waterloo and RIM, Adam and I had a one on one discussion on apps for the new platform; specifically those from the high profile developers like Netflix and Skype.

    While I could beat around the bush for a few hundred more words and then reveal the information I learned about Netflix and Skype, I'm going to spill the beans now. While discussing apps with Adam I was straight to the point and the question I asked was "The CrackBerry community is chomping at the bit, where are Netflix and Skype for the BlackBerry PlayBook?". While I didn't get the answer I was wishing for, I did get some fresh news. Adam informed me that RIM was indeed committed to adding new apps from roughly 100 big name developers for the launch of BlackBerry 10 later this year, and Skype and Netflix are indeed on that list.
    RIM is out to get them on BlackBerry 10, the question is will they be. I suspect right now Skype is being built for BlackBerry 10 and being deeply integrated into the HUB. There are corporate users in enterprise that use Skype primarily because it's cross platform viability. When we look at the market now platforms like PlayStation Vita have Skype and narrowly over 2.5 million users. PlayBook alone has just below that # of users. The major guys didn't come on board because RIMs tools were not 100 complete, they were going to waste time half-developing an app. RIM has gone out and worked directly with the "big names" to get them on board and let them gum up their fingers with the Cascades UI. RIM has good relationships with everyone in this domain. Microsoft and Google have both reached out to help RIM by offered their OS to their "poor buddy RIM" RIM knows what it's doing exclusivity died in 2010. We're headed toward technological convergence all the major OSs have figured out the "What and Why" RIM understands the differentiation comes with the "How" as all the phones all offer the same things, the same solutions the same technology the "HOW" will only grow more important. Carriers are going to get behind BlackBerry because it's sustained growing user base outside the U.S. Carriers need more Players especially a player who can cater to the big enterprise buyers, not one does that in the quantities RIM has, their security infrastructure differentiates their "How"
    I see RIM and Microsoft working together to push back Google and Apple. Microsoft's Windows 8 was just the starting move to gesture based OSs they are the future as we head toward a universal OS

    Apple, Google, Microsoft, they all have worked UP from the consumer to the other markets like corporate enterprise and industrial. QNX/RIM have been working from the industrial/enterprise down to the consumer. BlackBerry 10 is their cadence. "We have arrived" With that said the trends seem to be more those of necessitous rather than choice. You don't see any Apple apps anywhere but in the App Store.
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    12-13-12 11:35 AM
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    The people who make decisions about Google Maps are very different people than those who make Android. Ditto at Microsoft and other large corporations. It is in Google's interest to have their maps on as many devices as possible, whichever platform. Favoring their own platform over others would be short-sighted.

    Same goes for MS with Skype.
    12-13-12 03:58 PM
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    You don't see any Apple apps anywhere but in the App Store.
    Hmmm... iTunes and QuickTime are available on other platforms. There is even a Safari for Windows...
    12-13-12 04:00 PM
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    This app debate is dead its not a big deal as people makeout there is always alternatives if you really need app x then **** off with it people need to stop ***** threads you do have other tech use that and stop whinning.If apps are easy to port over it will be ported over by devs.As a hustler someone who wanst to be rich no wealtthy.I see it as this if devs want to make alot of money cross platforming is the only way to go its that simple.Truth is these guys care about money and profit if there anyway business smart they will cross platform its that simple.IT IS NOT RIMS FAULT if devs say nah we are not doing anything for *insert random phone OS* because of user count, dont have resources or whatever the reason.So you best get ready to be dissapointed that alot of apps wont be here off the bat or ever even.IT IS NOT RIMS FAULT IF DEVS DO NOT WANT TO BUILD OR PORT FOR BB10.
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    12-13-12 05:41 PM
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    Apple iOS Apps*
    12-15-12 09:42 AM

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