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    Hi folks,

    I've had my app approved...It's a port of the Gutenberg Library Aesop's Fables, complete with over 300 stories and a biography and preface! Check it out now on your Dev Alpha device! Just search for "Gutenberg Aesop".

    It is a public domain work, so I have released the entire collection freely for all of us to enjoy. I made the app so I could have handy access to the stories to read to my kids. I hope you all enjoy it too. There is enough there for a story almost every night of the year. Not big on pictures though, as it is tough to find so many freely available drawings for all of the stories. But the text is all you need, and a good imagination!

    My other guilty motive for making the app was to play around with bbUI.js, which is a neat way to format stuff to look like BB10 style in Webworks. I was using jQuery before but bbUI.js is so much nicer, and easy. Thanks to all the people contributing to bbUI.js on github, it is awesome to be a developer in such a welcoming community.

    There are a few other Aesop apps available but I believe mine is the only one that has so many stories for FREE.

    Please download and enjoy. I hope it still works fine on the new BB10 update, since the last one broke some of my other apps and I had to resubmit them. :-)

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    12-11-12 09:48 PM
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    Oh I just had a brilliant idea... If anyone works in a school or has a bunch of kids who like to draw...Make it a kind of project for them...

    Please have each child draw a picture related to a story, send them to me and I will include it in the app with a credit.

    The app will always be FREE but this sounds like a fun way for kids to get involved!

    For privacy sake we can just include first name with last name first initial and maybe age only. For example: Emily S. (age 8), Toronto. ... or something like that.

    What do you all think? Anyone work with any teachers or students?

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    12-11-12 10:30 PM
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    This sounds like a great app. I can't wait to get to try it. Thanks.
    12-19-12 05:28 PM

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