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    App Name: Speed Dial


    Speed Dial lets you create up to 128 contacts for speed dialing and unlimited number of Home Screen short cuts. No need to search the contact application anymore. Just touch the contact's picture to make the call.

    Manually add a new contact or do a lookup in the Contacts application. When doing a lookup the contacts picture, name and number will automatically be copied to Speed Dial and let you choose the phone number for the speed dial.

    Optionally you can create a short cut on the Home Screen to dial the person. The short cut is just like an application. You dial the person you just launch (touch) the icon and it prompt you to dial. You can delete the short cut just like an application.

    With the Home Screen short cut you do not need to run the Speed Dial application to dial. Dialing is now quicker and simplified.


    * Create up to 128 speed dials in the application with custom pictures
    * Create unlimited number of Home Screen short cuts with custom pictures
    * Manually add speed dials or do a lookup in the Contacts application
    * Use any PNG or JPG picture or take picture with camera for the speed dial (recommend 114x114 format for best result)
    * One touch dial with Home Screen short cut (note: with BlackBerry 10 you will be prompted before dialing. This is not Speed Dial limitation)
    * Easy to use and there is no setup
    * Compatible with BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

    100% Native BB10 Application.

    BlackBerry World Link:
    BlackBerry World - Speed Dial

    Price: $0.99 USD
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    06-20-13 09:46 AM
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    Oh this looks like something I need!!
    What happens to my active open frames with these shortcuts??
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    06-20-13 10:04 AM
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    Oh this looks like something I need!!
    What happens to my active open frames with these shortcuts??
    With short cuts it doesn't use active frame. Speed Dial app does not need to be running in Active Frame. Icons (short cuts) on the Home Screen are just like normal applications. You can launch and delete them as you please. If you don't like the shortcut icon then just delete and run Speed Dial and create another one. When you launch the short cut it does not have any UI. It runs the Phone app to make the call.

    For best looking icons I would recommend editing the icons on the desktop and make them 114x114 standard size.

    Take a look at this screen shot. I made the rounded icons on the desktop and uploaded to my BB and then use Speed Dial to use the icons. The square icons are created by Speed Dial without editing.

    Add Phone Speed Dial to Home Screen with Speed Dial app-speeddials.jpg
    06-20-13 10:48 AM
  4. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Thank you. I see what you mean about the icons. I think I will be trying this app and creating the rounded icons like you suggested. Thank you!!!

    Posted with JayDee's white Z10
    06-20-13 04:06 PM
  5. jaydee5799's Avatar
    OK I got it to work just the way you have yours set up. I see that you have to resize your pic on a computer first and then use it for the icon.

    It works fine and I feel better having the icon right on my home screen where i can see it instead of going through contacts to find it.

    06-20-13 05:48 PM
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    Hi, Im using the SpeedDiall App however, I came up with one issue. Some of my contacts have pictures (from Linkedin) however, when I go through SpeedDial to add a contact the pictures are not there. Any idea?
    12-12-13 04:57 AM

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