05-07-14 03:39 AM
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  1. Mohamed Abdelsalam's Avatar
    Maybe many people do not need this type of app? There are many ideas for apps in this forum, give the people what they want and the money will come rolling in!
    - But i think GadgetBox is an example that people do need this type of apps.
    05-07-14 03:38 AM
  2. Mohamed Abdelsalam's Avatar
    It sounds like you are actually getting higher purchase percentages from BB than iOS. iOS has far more than 3x the amount of potential customers.

    So if only 0.001% of potential customers want it, than the iOS platform should provide you with 10X (whatever the iOS customer base over BB10 customer base).
    Yes, iOS has more users but also has more apps and this makes the competitions between apps much higher
    an example .. use the word "measure" in the search word in BlackBerry World, MeasureMe may appear in the first page .. in iTunes type "measure" and i could be dreaming if my app is therein 5th page! (it is not even there)
    I think it is all about how developers are supported and motivated (by BlackBerry and BlackBerry community ) to develop more apps.
    05-07-14 03:39 AM
27 12

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