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    I have searched the forums, as well as blackberry.com, but don't have a clear answer. If I missed something, please excuse me and direct me where I can find direction, or repost this in the proper forum.

    I'm the pastor of 4 small rural parishes and a mission, and on the road a lot between the various churches and homes. I am using a Q10, and have an assistant pastor (iPhone 5), as well as an office manager and bookkeeper. We currently have Google Apps for Non-profits set up to host our e-mail and calendars. However, we use MS Office for routine tasks, especially Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access. So we're basically using two systems--MS Office and Google mail. We do not use BES.

    I want to better utilize the technology we have to streamline our workflow while improving our data security in order to better serve the people entrusted to me. So, I am considering moving to Office 365 to allow me greater integration with our regular office systems and operations via my BB. At the same time, I am investigating the possibility of using BES cloud services to manage our communications and better synchronize tasks and notes with Outlook, archive e-mails, etc.

    If anyone has any suggestions or guidance, I would be grateful. Thank you!
    11-13-14 06:05 PM

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