1. Asmith2017's Avatar
    I have installed BB UEM 12.7 using BEMS 2.6 and have a few devices activated. However, all ios devices are having an issue where all notifications(email or calendar) are not being displayed all the time. When i send a test email to myself i will sometimes see the notification in the banner and hear the sound but many times i dont. To top this issue off if you go into the BB work app and go into settings>notifications & sounds you immediately get an error stating " server not available- Enterprise Mobility Server is not available. Please contact your IT admin". Android devices are working just fine. This only effects ios. I have tried downloading the SSL certificate for the BEMS and exporting it and its still not notifying me when an email is received. I also tried reprovisioning the ios devices on the UEM console.I also had ports that were needed to be open done bidirectionally and still no solution. The only way for me to know i received an email is if i open the bb work app and see it within the app. Has anyone else seen this problem and know how to fix it? BB support has taken me in circles with this issue and its still not fixed.
    08-23-17 11:02 AM
  2. Dom71's Avatar
    I had this issue and it was driving me insane. It turned out to be a firewall blocking ports from the BEMS server stopping IOS PSN to work. Once I opened up the required ports it worked a treat.
    09-18-17 08:34 AM
  3. elbeli's Avatar
    Hello, could you tell me the ports opend?
    06-04-18 10:08 AM
  4. elbeli's Avatar
    It's an inbound or outbound connection?
    06-04-18 10:21 AM

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