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    I'm starting to get the idea that BB has 10 or 11 BES servers in production. I know that's not true, but some of the problems I've seen really point to very limited use of BES with Android.

    Is anyone running an AT&T Branded PRIV on Android 6.x on BES 12.3 or later set up as Work and personal - user privacy (Android for Work - Premium)?

    If you do, have you noticed that if you are on WIFI and leave the phone for a few hours (not charging) that you won't receive emails or notifications?

    Have you noticed that this is NOT the case?

    I'm tracking a problem where (by looking at the verbose BSCP logs) captured from the phone that after an hour or so the phone goes into IDLE mode (doze from what I've been able to determine) and this causes a shutdown of the BSCP VPN between the PRIV and the BES server. The VPN does not recover on cellular data, instead it just sits there with no key (BSCP VPN) until you wake the phone up, then the key re-appears and the email flows.

    Yes, I've disabled every app specific DOZE setting I can find. I just installed a program called 'DISABLE DOZE' and will test with that.

    BB is completely in the the dark on this. I'm educating them.

    Just wanted to see if anyone was using this configuration and either seeing or not seeing a similar problem. Definitely should NOT be happening. My Classic (activated on the same account) continues to receive and notify on incoming email without a hitch.
    10-04-16 05:42 PM
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    Is mobile data set to always on?
    10-04-16 11:33 PM
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    Is mobile data set to always on?
    Sure is.

    What I have found is this. Some portion of the BES BSCP software that resides on the PRIV does not appear to be exposed to the DOZE battery optimization settings. Meaning that it can not be disabled (set to not doze). As a result when doze kicks in, it puts this to sleep and the phone disconnects the VPN. I found an application in the play store that completely disables doze for the entire phone. It's called DISABLE DOZE. I put it on the PRIV last night and as a result did not have a single VPN disconnection. I am going to continue testing today and share my results with Blackberry support. I do not know if this is specific to my carriers implementation of Android 6 or whether it affects all PRIVS. My guess would be that its only related to AT&T as this would be a much more widely reported problem had it been all carriers. Kind of disappointing that BB's flagship product does not work with their flagship software due in part to their flagship carrier partner.
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    10-05-16 08:38 AM

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