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    I've got BES 12.4.1 running in test and I have a problem that is preventing me from putting it into production.

    Freshly installed BES 12.4.1. 2 devices activated on the same user. 1 BB Classic on Work and Personal - Regulated and 1 Priv on AFW - Premium.

    My understanding is that both create a VPN back to the BES server to get to Activesync. Both work. From the BES server I can ping the VPN address which is assigned to the devices. Classic is and Priv is (as shown in the BSCP app on the priv).

    If I leave both phones overnight (both on WIFI) and send an email to the user account only the Classic receives the email. The priv has dropped the VPN (key in notification area has gone away). Once I wake the priv up, enter the pin and get to the home screen, the key will re-appear and the email will be received and it will continue to work for hours until the VPN disappears again.

    I've turned off all the sleep/doze setting on the Priv. Phone is also provisioned for cellular data and works when away from wifi. Just seems that after long periods of inactivity something in the phone shuts down wifi and the vpn drops.

    When this happens If I run the ping tests from BES server back to the devices the Classic responds but the Priv does not.

    If I keep the phone active (don't let it go to lock screen, keep checking email etc), it seems like it doesn't disconnect from the VPN.

    Blackberry support very little help. Any experiences on this problem?
    10-01-16 10:40 AM

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