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    Hi all,

    We are testing deploying internal developed app to end users via UEM. The deployment part works fine; however I can't figure how to update the internal apps.

    I was trying to follow this link but it didn't work
    Update an internal app - BlackBerry UEM - 12.9

    Say if we already have an internal developed Blackberry Dynamic App version and we have a newer version, how can i add this new version to Apps and push it to users?

    I tried "Add a version" on the existing iOS app, and then pointed it to the new ipa file, but then i got the error "An error was encountered. This internal app already exisits."

    I also tried "Remove Version" but that would end up removing the app from user device... i want to avoid this because user will need to re-activate the app again. Any help is much appreciated.

    10-29-18 09:54 PM

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