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    I've got a BES 12.4 environment that we've activated BB10 devices on with no problems. I'm not trying to activate my first Android device. We only use email/cal/ etc no apps on BES 12.

    One point. I don't expose my activsync to the internet so for the BB's I use Work & Personal - Regulated. My understanding is that using MDM requires exposed activsync. So I assume I have to use one of the workspace types for android

    Which Android activation type should I try? The list is very different than for BB

    Work & Personal - full control (Samsung KNOX)
    Work and personal - user privacy (secure work space)
    Work and personal - full control (secure work space)
    Work Space Only (Samsung KNOX)
    Work and personal - user privacy (Samsung KNOX)

    So far I have set up Work and Personal 0 full control (Samsung KNOX). I get a successful activation. When I try to configure email I get messages saying unable to connect to server. What server address should I be using? I'm assuming this activation type creates the VPN and puts me back on my network? The default server address was my domain name which is incorrect, I tried setting it to my server name server.domain.local that didn't work then I tried IP address and that didn't work.

    One other question. On BES12 Admin/Settings/External Integration/Android for Work, do I have to do all all of that google service account stuff just to get email working? AT this point I have NOT done any of those items.



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    I got it to work. First I wasn't using the KNOX email client. 2nd once I checked "accept all SSL certificates" in BES mgr email profile for android it started working.
    06-16-16 07:36 PM

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