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    Am planning to get onto BES 12 cloud and add my device. My purpose and reason for doing so is simple. I wish to isolate work and personal space and keep apps like whatsapp in the personal space. I have few questions,
    a. Do i have two contact directories - one for work and one for personal or is it one contact list?
    b. If i install whatsapp in the personal space and ban it the work data (will I be able to prevent it from reading work messages and work contacts)?
    c. Will there be two HUB's or only one? Will there be a WORK Hub and a PERSONAL Hub?
    d. If I sign up for the trial and activate my device on BES 12 Cloud - will it wipe my existing Hub / accounts / apps?
    e. After the trial is over if I deactivate my device on BES 12 Cloud - will it wipe my existing Hub / accounts / apps?

    There is no specific data available online on this - hence asking in the forum.

    Cheers and Thanks...
    04-02-15 06:13 AM
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    There is a hub in personal and work side. You can specify in the cloud console if you wish work emails to mix with personal.

    As for contacts they are mixed in your main contacts app only when work side is unlocked. Work contacts will always show in the phone app contacts list whether work is locked or unlocked. You can choose to not have the work contacts show in your main contacts if you want by telling it to hide them in the contact settings. This would prevent them from showing even if you unlock the work space. They will still show in the phone app contacts though.

    When you activate balance no data will be deleted. It will just create a work space.

    If you deactivate you will only lose your work data. Be careful not to select Wipe Device from the Cloud console. Easiest way is to just delete the email account from your phone which in turn deletes the work side.

    I have no idea if whatsapp reads all of the contacts or not. There is a setting in your Cloud console that restricts personal apps from accessing your work contacts. I would assume that would restrict whatsapp from seeing them.

    Any other questions let me know.

    Posted via CB10
    04-03-15 08:43 PM
  3. bbschorsch's Avatar
    It depends on how you set the device as far as I know there are three possibilities.

    Personal owned work enabled
    Corporate owned personal enabled
    And fully corporate owned

    The only option where you can't handle what the user does in terms of apps is the first. That's why we went for option 2 and 3

    The issue with whatsapp is not the access it's also the difficult ownership rights of text and pictures. Therefore we banned whatsapp completely. The problem is we never know what might end up on the whatsapp servers - this is how we try to minimize the risk that confidential data gets stored in the US on fb or whatsapp servers and might be released accessed or red by people outside our organisation

    Team Lead BlackBerryDev Group North Germany follow me @gpheheise or bbmchannel C00097A36
    04-11-15 11:51 PM

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