1. msdesk's Avatar

    We have a BES 10 UDS Server here at work and we recently moved our iPhones over from Mobile Iron to the UDS server. The transition went fine other than users are not receiving email alerts. They have to manually go into the email pull down and they get their emails. All settings look fine on the iPhones themselves. Do you have any ideas why this isn't working? Thanks
    12-04-14 03:22 PM
  2. roadrunner95's Avatar

    KB34664-How to configure new email notifications for Secure Work Space on iOS devices

    There is a section in the configuration guide on how to setup alerts for Apple. There are permissions that need to be setup. Sorry I don't have the guide or I would give you the page number.
    12-04-14 04:04 PM
  3. msdesk's Avatar
    Unfortunately we do not use work connect. We only have the Silver licenses. We do not want to go the gold route because we find the work connect restricts it to much and users testing described they did not like it during our test phase.
    12-05-14 09:38 AM

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